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Our O&Ms system has been designed by tradesmen, built by project managers and proven by facilities managers. We are building trade experts with a mission to provide an effective, usable building information management process.
And make it simple!

Testimonial from our latest projects

OandMs raises the bar in delivering construction O&Ms

“After compiling O&Ms manuals the usual way for many years now, OandMs’ new electronic process has been a breath of fresh air. I’ve found the entire process simple and straightforward and I must admit that, nearing the end of a project, the knowledge that the manuals are almost complete is quite a relief!”

Melissa Leaver, Project Administrator 
Combined Fire Systems

OandMs is a real time saver

“The digital O&M system really saved us a lot of time due to the system being easy to use and the process for submitting the documents is very simple.”

Jason Rawlings, Project Manager
Smith Brothers Plumbing

OandMs deliver on time

“Utilising OandMs has proven to be a time efficient, cost effective and well organised method of compiling relevant documentation for our jobs. The OandMs team have been great to deal with and got the job done as required in accordance with tight time frames”.

Adam Cooper, Senior Project Engineer
Season Air Mechanical Services

Very knowledgeable about what is required

“The OandMs dashboard is easy to read and it is well organised with relevant items slotted into appropriate sections. The database is comprehensive and easy to navigate through. The team at OandMs are very knowledgeable about the construction industry and what is required.”

Paolo M Basini
Sandover Pinder Architects

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