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The only way to achieve 100% O&Ms documentation
prior to practical completion

The building industry is struggling in its transition from paper operations and maintenance manuals to various digital formats for manuals, leaving projects at risk and exposed to litigation regarding the right completion documentation.

Our focus is on making sure your facility manager gets the building information they need to operate the building and ensure compliance after practical completion.

OandMs brings a completely different methodology to a decades old process.

Our O&Ms “road map” provides transparency as it details every asset and operation and maintenance manual document you will ever need. We provide you with a list of everything to be collected, a gap analysis of documentation still outstanding and identify who is responsible for delivering that documentation.

Tell your builder "no O&Ms, no practical completion". It’s that simple!

You won’t have to chase your architect, engineer or builder for your O&Ms ever again. We guarantee it - or your money back!

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